Top 6 Best Carpet Cleaning Sins

Ever been burned by "the best" carpet cleaning company?

If you've ever hired one of the "best carpet cleaning companies" only to be left frustrated, aggravated, disappointed, and ripped-off, then YOU are the customer we are looking for!

New Life Atlanta Cleaning creates long-term relationships with their customers by addressing, solving, and eliminating common problems associated with negative carpet cleaning experiences.

Everyone has heard the carpet cleaning propaganda on the radio, and seen the carpet cleaner commercials on TV talking about their formulas, magic water, endorsements, certifications, carpet cleaning specials, etc.

If you have reached out to any of these cleaners, hired them, and were satisfied with the results... congratulations! Seriously.

Because many times these companies don't live up to their hype, promotions, and promises.

Taking a little time to research some of these "best carpet cleaning companies" can reveal much about the nature and motives behind their advertising.

Some common disappointing experiences (we'll refer to as "sins") that seem to reoccur year after year on a daily basis, are as follows:

Sin #1 - Bait and switch carpet cleaners

This is an old trick of the trade carpet cleaners have used for decades and it's still just as popular today. Advertise one price, charge another. There's so many ways to do this and many times it's the primary goal of the carpet cleaner. Just get their foot in the door and start upselling. Either they'll have to use a different technique, solution, charge extra for larger rooms, extra to sanitize, extra for mandatory scotch-guard, more for spots, etc., they always find something to charge extra for.

Sin #2 - Carpet cleaning promptness

Usually an oxymoron at best to have the phrase "carpet cleaning promptness" in the same sentence. Many times the scheduled arrival time is a 4-5 hour window and still some have trouble hitting that. Yes, there are even some that never show at all and without a phone call.

Which leads to...

Sin #3 - Carpet cleaner rudeness

Carpet cleaner rudeness is unacceptable, but it happens all too frequently. It's rude not to show up to an appointment and not even call the customer, but it happens. Any service business should be tailored to provide quality service to the customer. In addition, the customer should be treated as good as gold, with the highest respect.

Sin #4 - Carpet cleaning customer service

Someone told us recently that they called a carpet cleaning company to get a price on 5 rooms and a stairway. They said it took almost 15 minutes to get a quote. First, the company wanted to come look at it, then wanted to charge extra for a master bedroom, dining room, spots, and extra for being dirty (amazing!). After all that, they could only quote a ballpark figure that left them $75 to play with. By the way, they were about $125 more than us!

But woe to you if you have a problem with the service and have to call back to complain. If you choose a company that doesn't put you first, you are in for quite a runaround. Good luck!

Sin #5 - Carpet not clean

This is a big one, but bottom line if your carpet didn't even get cleaned after you paid to have it cleaned - what's the point? Truth is, there are many methods to clean carpet and a lot of them can work well with the right operator; someone who is focused on the job and has attention to details, and conscientious about every aspect of the procedure. But, put those high pressure hoses in the hands of someone who has his/her mind on something other than what he/she is doing and you're gonna get a big mess! This puts the quality of the cleaning you receive squarely on the shoulders of the individual providing the service you ordered.

Bottom line:

  • Integrity = service

  • High level integrity = high level service

  • Low level integrity = low level service

Sin #6 - Carpet took forever to dry

If your carpet took forever to dry, that's a problem. A major drawback to these "deep cleaning" extracting methods is they can get the pad wet. Once that happens, your carpet pad can become a breeding ground for mold and mildew causing corrosion and health issues. Do you think you will get customer service after that happens?

Carpet cleaning with you in mind

At New Life Atlanta Cleaning, we provide carpet cleaning with you in mind. Never any bait and switch. Our prices are listed on our coupon page. We can quote you a price over the phone (which we answer) in less than 60 seconds. No hidden fees! We are a customer first service business.

We are always prompt and schedule specific times to arrive, no 5 hour windows. If we are ever 10 minutes late, you will receive a phone call notification.

We are a customer first service business.

We are never never rude. That's not who we are, ever. You are treated with respect at all times.

We are a customer first service business.

Customer service is what we do. We are not in the carpet cleaning business serving customers, we are in the customer service business cleaning carpet.

We are a customer first service business.

Every attention to every detail, on every job, every day, is what sets us apart. We get your carpet as clean as possible with no negative side effects. With nearly 40 years experience, we're pretty good at what we do. Our goal is to please you and have us back, time after time, year after year.

The job is done right the first time every time and using our unique system, your carpet is cleaned and dries within 1-2 hours. The pad never gets wet, and sanitizing is free! We are a customer first service business.