The Truth About Carpet Cleaning

I’m often asked what makes our cleaning system so effective or what sets us apart from our “competitors”. With over 38 years in the business, I admit I’m quite bias towards our method, results, and customer service. So much so, that I honestly believe that we provide the best end result of any service provider in the industry.

The product (clean carpet) is what the consumer desires. Innocently, the consumer picks up the phone and reaches out to one of the big names in the business.

Maybe they have heard of this company on the radio or seen their ad on TV. Regardless, the consumer trusts that these guys can achieve their expectations of cleaning their carpet. Many times that’s just not the case.

Several of the larger, more recognizable companies with multiple crews actually hand out “re-do” slips every day. Which simply means they must take care of the customers with complaints first, before they proceed with their new job orders. Meaning, the job is not getting done right the first time.

I give them credit, at least they try. Many companies don’t even waste their time returning to a customer who has a complaint. I have even heard of a practice where this company gets the customer to sign a “job completion and inspection” form which states that the customer is satisfied and will not hold the company liable for any negative issues from this time forth. That’s absurd! I must inject here that after 38 years in the business, I think I may have had something like 8 complaints where the customer was not happy. You can’t please everyone, but that’s not too bad after 38 years. It’s actually outstanding. Why is that?

Which system can you trust?

Believe me, I have researched and tested the various types of carpet cleaning systems available and mix-matched different types of cleaning products with certain methods. There’s hot water extraction, dry-cleaning, encapsulation, bonnet, shampoo, dry foam, vacuum wash, to name the most common. There’s soaps, detergents, foams, solvents, powders, brushes, empowered water, carbonated water, hot water, steam water, cold water, green cleaners, disinfectants, sanitizers, enzymes, dye removers, rust removers, pH stabilizers, non-toxic cleaners, high profile this, low profile that, deep clean, surface clean, and really the list can go on a lot further. And you know what? Every company will tell you their system is the best. It’s pretty confusing to say the least.

One thing I can say is the carpet cleaning industry is one of the most misleading and unethical in the service business. There are exceptions as in any category, where integrity is fundamental. But among carpet cleaning providers, unfortunately the status quo is dysfunctionality. Proof of this can be researched by simply Googling a popular carpet cleaning company's’ reviews and complaints. End results, customer service, and integrity pile on with blaring deficiencies which seems to be accepted by the business owners. This speaks to the ineffectiveness of the systems, products used, and operators lack of attention to detail.

The only thing worse than hiring someone to clean your carpet and not getting what you paid for is to be treated disrespectfully in the process. It’s a shame, but there’s an epidemic of that going on today.

Carpet cleaning is our passion So, what’s the best way to clean your carpet? I believe the target should be clean carpet deep down to the backing, no sticky residue, no shrinking, no stretching, soft to the touch, stays cleaner longer, and dries within 1-2 hours. Our system addresses and achieves these goals every time. Our mission, passion, and purpose is to clean your carpet while giving you the respect you deserve. Laser focus and attention to detail goes into every job. We don’t walk away from any spot without doing all we can. What sets us apart from our “competitors”? It’s ME!

I’m the owner-operator and I guarantee what I say is true. I’ve used the same system for 38 years. It’s a system that all carpet manufacturers used to recommend back in the 80”s. However, so many different versions of our system emerged, there’s really no two exactly alike. There’s more than 50 ways to do what we do. And truly none that work as well as ours. Most of them are so inferior they can even be harmful in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they are doing.

That’s why carpet manufacturers are now endorsing hot water extraction, which I totally disagree with but understand. They are in the business of selling carpet. The method we use is still preferred today if done properly (like we do...yay!) but because of the convoluted mess the offshoots created, carpet manufacturers can no longer endorse any system that resembles ours and they sell more carpet in the process as our system does extends the life of carpet.

How deep is good? One quick note and we will address this further in future posts: what does “deep cleaning” mean?

It’s a propaganda term used and accepted by steam cleaners and extraction cleaners so much over the years that I have customers asking me about this rather frequently. To me it’s like the story of Goldilocks. This chair is too big, this chair too small, and this chair just right and so on, you know the story. In carpet cleaning water is key. It should be the carrying agent for the cleaner (product). Too little or no water is not enough, too much water can saturate the carpet and wet the pad, just the right amount of water cleans the entire carpet fiber down to the backing but not beyond. Guess which one we do?