No More Carpet Cleaning Scams

You've heard the commercials and seen the ads:

  • "Carpets look and smell brand new."

  • "3 rooms for $99." 

  • "Whole house $79."

  • Etc. 

These companies will say anything to get their foot inside your door, then they go to work on upsells and add-ons. That's their reason for being there. Not to deliver the absolute best carpet cleaning service and experience, which is why you hired them. Their goal is to leave with more money than you thought you were going to pay. And your carpet didn't get cleaned, it just got soaked with sticky water that took days to dry, leaving the pad underneath a breeding ground for mold and mildew. These types of things can happen so fast it will make your head spin. In 5-30 minutes they're done and headed for the next target. If this has happened to you, we're here to help you experience a totally positive experience with your next cleaning, in every way possible.

Side note: After more than 40 years in this business, we would like to believe that there are exceptions out there who do their best and do care. It's just the bigger, nation-wide chains seem to set the bar that others tend to follow, becoming a scam game instead of placing quality and service as a standard and priority. Customer service is an oxymoron.

We bring integrity to a stained profession

Carpet cleaning is an art, a trade, that must be handled by people with integrity. If a person has no integrity, it doesn't matter how professional they look or sound, the experience and results you pay for will be inferior and many times disastrous.

Integrity says:

  • "I will be honest."

  • "I will show up on time."

  • "I will communicate truth."

  • "I will do my absolute best and address every spot until it is gone or I've done all I can do to remove it."

  • "I will stay as long as it takes to do the best job possible."

  • "The customer always comes first."

Carpet cleaning scammer thinks like this:

  • "I will say whatever I need to in order to make a gain financially."

  • "I don't have to be on time, I don't even have to show up if I don't want to."

  • "Truth is weakness and I must be strong in order to be successful in my upsells."

  • "I will do my best to make my boss proud that I brought in more money today than yesterday."

  • "I finished this scam in record time."

  • "The customer's satisfaction is not part of the equation, I have a crooked customer service department that will support me."

Carpet cleaning that makes sense

You can research carpet cleaning and get all kinds of spins and deluded information so the truth cannot be found. We believe carpet manufacturers recommend steam cleaning because the high pressure steam system promotes the mortality rate of the carpet, causing the consumer to need new carpet sooner. The steam cleaners say that dry cleaning is "only a surface clean," which many times is true when one or more of the necessary components to properly dry clean is missing. It's a scam on top of a scam ran by scammers.  Further details can be provided, just ask!

Here's the good, what you get with us:

  • Carpets cleaned and sanitized

  • Dries in 1-2 hours

  • Cleans entire carpet fiber

  • Never gets the pad wet

  • No steam cleaning

  • Dries soft to the touch

  • No shrinking

  • No stretching

  • No seam separation

  • Non-toxic

  • Green cleaning available

  • No over-wetting

  • Friendly service

  • Nearly 40 years expertise using same system

  • No upsells

  • Reliable accurate quote over the phone

  • Live answering

  • No bait and switch

  • Superior service

  • Great attitudes

  • Positive experience

  • Extends the life of the carpet

We'll even walk through your home and discuss spots with you before we clean. Your happiness is paramount.

We care

Are we the best carpet cleaning service? We believe so, based on the entire experience and most importantly the end result. We believe no one can surpass our end results, which not only is clean carpets, but satisfied customers. We offer a solution  if you've ever been scammed by a carpet cleaner in the past. We understand, we've heard the stories, and we care.

Love really is the answer

So true, the Beatles had it right, "love is all you need." Love is why we do what we do. Love for others, love for our trade, and love for doing what's right. We believe that's who you would want in your home. It's our motivating force, it produces superior results in all we do, it's what New Life Atlanta Cleaning is all about.